Technical and Detailed Projects

Technical and Detailed structural design involves the investigation of the stability, strength and rigidity of the structure to be built, based upon the physical requirements of the building. The basic objective is to produce an efficient structural system, capable of resisting specified applied loads without failure during its intended life-cycle. The design should determine the most suitable proportions, dimensions and details of the structural elements and connections. All projects are being created and managed with 3D applications.

Structural Design Proposal

Concept design proposals from the Structural Engineer include:

  • Preferred foundation design.
  • Frame solutions
  • Structural grid with precast elements or cast on site
  • Primary and secondary beam, trusses sizes and spans.
  • Schedules of floor loadings catering for dead and live loads.
  • Special loads.
  • Horizontal and vertical expansion joints.
  • Major openings in floors and structural walls.
  • Fire protection to the structure.


Manufacture Drawings (Workshop)

Manufacture drawings are pretty self explanatory. They show all the detailed specifications of the product: material type, full dimensions of element and embeds details, welding information, surface/cosmetic finish, assembly possibilities and others.

Project Supervision

Choosing Engineer with excellent knowledge and experience of structural design provides the best quality of building.